Donald the Dumb

President Donald the Dumb

The Donald adds a word to the names of those who dare to disagree with him.  The most obvious example is calling Sec. Hillary Clinton, Crooked Hillary.  I’m not going to defend Clinton, but my problem is about the Donald and his creating extended names.  Royalty, over the centuries, have been called with extended names: Albert the Peculiar of Austria, Vlad the Impaler of Romania, Pepin the Short of the Franks, and Ivan the Terrible of Russia.  Interestingly, all these royalty add-on names can be applied to the Donald.

The Donald's name has been extended...Donald the Dumb.  Donald the Dumb has a long list of stupid things he has said and restates repeatedly.  Donald the Dumb said for years that President Obama wasn't an American.  Donald the Dumb wants to ban Muslims from America.  Additionally, Mexicans are rapists, Putin is a good guy, and he's going to build a wall between Mexico and America.  The list goes on.

Donald the Dumb claims that he is smart and knows how to fix everything.  Nearly every comment that he tweets relates to him being all wise and mister fix-it, even if it doesn't need fixing.  However, recently, he dissed the entire group of 17-American intelligence agencies:

Air Force Intelligence, Army Intelligence, Central Intelligence Agency, Coast Guard Intelligence, Defense Intelligence Agency, Energy Department, Homeland Security Department, State Department, Treasury Department, Drug Enforcement Administration, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Marine Corps Intelligence, National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, National Reconnaissance Office, National Security Agency, Navy Intelligence, and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

Donald the Dumb is jeopardizing America's security.  Anyone, who is so egotistically dumb to run counter to all America's intel agencies, is not only a loose cannon but an extremely dumb one.

Donald the Dumb is 70-years old.  At that age, he ought to be thinking about his legacy that he will leave his family.  Even he is mortal.  Nevertheless, Donald the Dumb jeopardizes the legacies of all those much younger than he by acting carelessly.  The nuclear football, which contains the launch codes for nuclear missiles, submarines, and bombers, is a dangerous thing in the hands of Donald the Dumb.     

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