Either Death Bed Confessions
Or Death Bed Accusations

Over my lifetime, there have been some truly despicable people. I have written about three of them. They are Adolf Hitler, George Wallace, and Donald Trump.




I understand that these people have a different mindset than others in the world. The website, Anxiety.org, featured an article entitled: The Psychology of Dictators: Power, Fear, and Anxiety. The essay talked about similarities of dictators.

They see themselves as “very special” people, deserving of admiration and, consequently, have difficulty empathizing with the feelings and needs of others … Not only do dictators commonly show a "pervasive pattern of grandiosity," they also tend to behave with a vindictiveness often observed in narcissistic personality disorder.

The article dealt with four dictators: Adolf Hitler, Mao Zedong, Josef Stalin, and Pol Pot. While the only person that the article and I share in common, the psychological profiles are all quite identical. The following are examples of all six of our dictatorial behaviors: lack of empathy, grandiosity, narcissism, desire for admiration, and it’s all about me.

One area that I would like to explore is that of bedside talk before two of my dictatorial despicable people. Both Hitler and Wallace looking back on life had differing responses. Hitler failed and blamed a litany of others who caused him not to succeed. However, Wallace was the poster child of systematic racism in America. His looking back on his life caused him to experience a moment of an epiphany. As a resulted, Wallace confessed and admit that he made some horrendous mistakes related to blacks in America.

So, we have one of the despicable persons seeing the light and the other not.

Enter Trump. On Trump’s deathbed, what will he say? While there is always hope for an incorrigible person like Trump, I would bet, that on his sinking into death, he would blame everyone else.

“I’m a great person; I’m not to blame.”

In the final analysis, how honorable or how despicable we are all boils down to two phrases. It is all about me, or it is all about we.

He is thinking….

Choose wisely.