The Cheshire Cat Has Divided Our Nation
And Many Kowtow to the Cheshire Cat

In the aftermath of Donald the Dumb’s presidency, there is a lot of talk about uniting America. The alternative is a continuation of a do-nothing government. Each political party holds differing positions. I can grasp the notion that Republicans like a smaller government as opposed to Democrats. Democrats like to have programs run nationally while Republicans prefer to develop programs at the state level. Both parties can argue about those issues until the cows come home.

Nevertheless, there are other issues that our fake president has brought to the forefront. Will the Republicans allow us to reenter NATO as an active and positive partner with Western Europe and not diss our European Allies? The same applies for the World Health Organization (WHO). Trump criticizes WHO for some stance that they took regarding COVID-19. However, he has done zip to stop the spread of the coronavirus while criticizing all the medical experts in pandemics, immunology, and infectious diseases.

What will the Republicans do for individuals and small businesses that are suffering from the effects of COVID-19? They are for big businesses, but what about small businesses and individuals in general. I did get a check from Trump of $1200 months ago. If I had a small business, that check wouldn’t go far to keep my business afloat. This is reminiscent of Hoover’s administration. Hoover, as with other Republicans, didn’t see the federal government’s responsibility to deal with unemployment during the Great Depression. It was the responsibility state and local governments along with charitable organizations to help millions of unemployed Americans.

While our soon-to-be former President Trump dissed the Chinese for COVID-19, he incorporated to his mindset the ancient Chinese act of subservience called kowtow.


If you wanted anything from Trump, you would kowtow to him. You were to pay homage to the greatest president since Lincoln. Here are some examples of Donald the Dumb and how he forced others to kowtow to him.

In business, Trump inherited millions from his father and then lost most of it. Anyone working for him or business deals had to kowtow to him. When Trump became president, he continued this process of having his employs kowtow to his various wishes.

Trump doesn’t like blacks especially his predecessor, President Obama. Trump praised himself for having move attendees at his inauguration than Obama. You would not question his assertion.

How many people of color or females made up the Cheshire Cat’s first Cabinet?

The Cheshire Cat and his mostly old men

There were no Hispanics and only one black and four women in Trump’s first Cabinet. Interestingly, the Cheshire Cat said after the photo op, “You may have noticed that I'm not all there myself.” We have noticed that you haven’t been there for a long time.

This was a photo of President Obama’s first Cabinet. Diversity was apparent.

Obama’s Cabinet was diverse and much younger.

As for all the Republicans in Washington, what’s with the kowtowing nonsense? Why are you hanging on with a loser for his entire life? I can only come of up with reasons. You are spineless cowards, or you mirror Donald the Dumb’s beliefs. Here is a brief litany of positions that Donald the Dumb touts: voter suppression and racism in general. What about rejecting climate change as a Chinese hoax? Do you see any problem with men telling that men determining the reproductive rights of women? How would men react to women telling them about issues regarding sex? Is it morally correct for Department of Homeland Security to take infants and young children from their mothers who were here as asylum seekers? We aren’t able to reunite the children with their mothers, because our government can’t find the mothers.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll wrote about a character called the Cheshire Cat. This is one of his feline one-liners, “You may have noticed that I'm not all there myself.” Little did Carroll know that his Cheshire Cat foretold Donald the Dumb, which includes those that kowtow to him.

The Cheshire Cat