Bad Karma
Sticks to People

I have mentioned several times in recent articles that I am teaching a survey course exploring various world religions. We have addressed Hinduism and Jainism in the past couple of weeks. We have spent this week dealing with Buddhism. Next week, we will delve into Sikhism. All four of these world religions began in India.

Essentially, Jainism and Buddhism are direct spinoffs of Hinduism, and Sikhism is an indirect one. While there are major differences among the four faiths, there are some particularly important similarities. One of the major parallels is the belief in karma. There are some slight variances between the four religions related to karma, but they all believe that what people do in this life will affect their reincarnation in the next life. Essentially, any believers in the four Indian religions knows that they should behave themselves in this life, or their lives will be reincarnated into a worse situation in the next life.

It will be interesting to some of my readers in India and Southeast Asia that America has watched our president, Donald the Dumb, create bad karma in his life prior to being president.

Based upon the worth of dollars today, Trump inherited $413 million from his father. In addition to a great deal of money, Trump inherited his father’s racism mindset. Trump lost millions of dollars as an entrepreneur and real estate mogul. Essentially, he wasted much of that money.

Over the decades prior to Trump’s life as president, both federal and state attorneys general have caught him in varying crimes like racism, sexism, fraud, educational scams, and paying government officials for helping him. Trump has a litany of dirty clothes, which have gotten him into all sorts of problems.

Nevertheless, that was in his previous life before becoming president. Trump as a real estate mogul died, and he was reincarnated in a new life…as America’s fake president. Our illustrious Commander of Cheaters and Liars lost millions in his earlier life. He needed a great deal of money. He owes $425 million to several entities. However, much of nearly a half billion dollars is owed to Deutsche Bank.

Donald the Dumb flipped a penny hoping that his problems will disappear like COVID-19 will sometime.

The New York Times Magazine broke the bad news about Trump’s indebtedness in the essay, The Money Behind Trump’s Money. According to the article, Mike Offit, a friend of Trump, said, “I loaned him half a billion dollars.” Offit acted as the middleman to set up much of the loans. Apparently, this is his actual IOU signed by Trump. Well, I think it is the actual IOU.

Trump’s IOU

After Trump leaves the White House on my birthday, January 20, 2021, he will be visiting a long list of court houses.

In Donald’s second life as the Commander and Cheater of the United States of America, his reversed environmental laws, tried to end Obamacare, supported white supremacists, treated women as sex object, and wanted to end NATO.

Trump has done nothing to stop COVID-19. He is responsible for a large percentage of the 208,000 COVID-19 deaths in America.

The Trump tapes

In a month, Joe Biden will defeat Trump in the election. Trump will have the time before Biden takes over as president to begin to face the music of state and federal charges that are stacking up. During this lame duck period for Donald the Dumb, he will ponder his wasted life. Americans are already pondering this most despicable president.

The Lame Duck Trump

Trump, America’s most despicable president, makes Tricky Dicky look almost angelic.