It’s Either/Or
Trump Needs to Read Søren Kierkegaard

Kierkegaard fascinated me while I was in college. In fact, in my senior year, I took a class, which dealt solely with the Dismal Dane, which was a name given to him by others. Interestingly, he wrote Either/Or in 1843, which was exactly a century before I was born. That book was his quest to discover the meaning of our personal being.

Søren Kierkegaard

In a less erudite manner, a similar question was asked in the movie, What’s It All About, Alfie.

Donald the Dumb has wandered around his world dissing those in the medical and health care fields. Initially, his mantra was that COVID-19 was under control. When it was apparent that it was not under control, he touted various cures. One of Dr. Trump’s brainstorms was injecting a disinfectant into someone that had contracted the coronavirus. No one, especially those in the medical profession, thought that was good idea.

President Donald Trump holds up a map showing the United States as No. 1 in preparedness
during a press briefing on the coronavirus at the White House on Feb. 26, 2020.

Our part-time chief executive thought that mask wearing was a silly notion. Each time that someone confronted Dr. Trump regarding COVID-19, he responded that he was developing a strategy to deal with the pandemic. Trump’s medical game plan has never seen the light of day, because it wasn’t even started. Now, medical professionals had a plethora of treatment plans to deal with the coronavirus. Nevertheless, Dr. Trump maintained that during the run-up to the election that the medical professionals didn’t have a correct grasp the situation, but he did.

Despite the issue with not trusting the doctors, Dr. Trump claimed that we have rounded the corner of COVID-19 on March 16th.

Okay, rounding the corner for eight months seems like a bit of an overstatement both then and now. From a historical perspective, the CDC reported on March 16th that we had 3770 confirmed cases and 70 deaths. Today, we have nearly 11 million confirmed cases and a quarter of a million deaths. Apparently, Dr. Trump’s rounding the corner has taken nearly a year and has gotten extremely worse.

The other aspect of the either/or situation is that while Trump disses the medical professionals and researchers, some groups of people have developed or are developing, at warp speed, a handful of vaccines to protect Americans. I would assume that those people working on vaccines were some of the medical professionals and researchers working on the coronavirus. It seems obvious that haven’t turned the corner at all.

So, Dr. Trump’s life is about either/or. Either he disses doctors, or he is the doctor. Regardless, we could have saved millions from contracting the coronavirus and/or dying from it. If Dr. Trump had acted on January 20, 2020 when the first confirmed case of COVID-19 was discovered in the States, many of the 11 million confirmed cases and a quarter of a million deaths would not have occurred. Ironically, on January 20, 2021, our do-nothing president, Dr. Trump, will be fired.

Good-bye Trump and don’t come back.