Revisiting Gilgamesh
A Teaching Moment

This essay is a follow-up to my article about A Ngal Lay. In that essay, I raised the issue of immortality and Gilgamesh. The Epic of Gilgamesh tells the story of how Gilgamesh lost Enkidu, who was a close friend.

The grief of Gilgamesh

That death of his friend forced Gilgamesh into his quest to find his own immortality. During his journey, he met Utnapishtim, the only person in the world who had immortality. Utnapishtim told Gilgamesh that he had to find a unique flowering plant, which he was to eat. That was the only means to immortality. Gilgamesh found the plant and returned home, planning to eat there. Unfortunately, a snake swallowed the plant and achieved immortality. Gilgamesh realized that immortality wasn’t possible and concluded, “Forget death and seek life.” Instead of trying to live forever, Gilgamesh went out into the world helping others. Essentially, The Epic of Gilgamesh was a parable; we are to find a purposeful life.

A Ngal Lay is an application of that parable. Talk about finding a purposeful life. I’ve danced with death twice, and I grasp that I am mortal. However, like Gilgamesh, I have a type of immortality because Ti Ti, Snow, Fatty and A Ngal Lay will remember me.

Therefore, this article is about you, my readers. What is your purpose in life? You won’t live forever. The only form of immortality that you have is how you will be remembered. Take a moment and look around in your personal world. How will those that know you remember you after you are gone.

Next, think about America today. Will Trump be remembered as a very stable genius? He thinks so.

Or listen to Trump tell his supporters on January 6th. However, he went back to the White House and watched the riot unfold on TV.

Trump claims that his reelection was stolen from him even though there isn’t any evidence to substantiate that claim.

The Washington Post found eighty-six judges rejected Trump’s claim that the election was stolen from him. There were thirty-eight of those judges that were appointed by Republicans. 

Tomorrow, there will be a rally in Washington for “Justice for J6.” The rally is designed to support those peaceful protesters who were arrested and are in jail.

This isn’t a riot.

Nor is this a riot

This is his purposeful life.

Andrew Clyde

Rep. Andrew Clyde maintains that the rioters were on a “normal tourist visit.”  However, the pictures and videos tell another tale.

Therefore, Trump, the rioters, and Clyde were not following Gilgamesh’s insight about having a purposeful life. Beyond that obvious fact, they don’t have immortality. Their clocks are ticking like everyone’s clock. Nonetheless, their immortality is in being remembered as the village idiots.

This is Andrew Clyde’s new job.