Amazing Grace
Or More of the Same Insanity

I have mentioned many times in my essays a former colleague of mine. We worked together in the aftermath of Hurricane Agnes in 1972. I trusted her judgement then, and, in our twilight years, I trust it even more. We chat on the phone nearly every Saturday afternoon. One of the abilities that my friend has is that she is a foil for me. I need someone to bounce off new ideas or what I call my hauntings. She will question anything that I say. She either doesn’t agree with it, or she wants to push me further in the direction that I was going.

My last essay, My Two Worlds, was a spinoff of our last chat. I was comparing and contrasting two different people. Each of them represents my two worlds: Trump and the other Kaung, my Digital Marketing Trainer.

Trump’s modus operandi is based upon his egotism. Anything that personally helps Trump is deemed good. It is all about Trump. If it is not about Trump, it is irrelevant.

While Kaung is handling the techie aspects of my website and Facebook, he lives in Myanmar and knows my family there. He reads anything that I write about my family. That is especially true concerning Ti Ti. Ti Ti had written to me about which university she chose to attend. Kaung was the first person that I emailed to tell him about Ti Ti’s choice. He replied that I should caution Ti Ti not to travel to Yangon where Gusto University is located. As it turned out, the school will teach online due to COVID-19. Regardless, Kaung was concerned about Ti Ti…another person. Trump is about Trump. The hell with everyone else.

During my conversation with my friend, I mentioned that people who have danced with death often see the light. I’ve had two dances and my friend has had the experience of going down the tunnel. I wondered out loud to her about the old hymn, Amazing Grace. John Newton was a British naval captain and was involved in the British slave trade. However, in 1748, Newton was on the Greyhound, which was involved in a bad storm off the coast of Ireland near Donegal. Frankly, he was afraid of drowning and prayed to God. That was the beginning of Newton turning his life around.

This was Newton’s world.

I told my former colleague that perhaps Trump will see the light like Newton did and chart a better course for himself. Someone should give our fake president this link to an article about Amazing Grace and President Obama.

While at Walter Reed, Trump did video inside the hospital. This is a part of it.

I learned a lot about Covid. I learned it by really going to school.
This is the  real school,  this  isn’t the let’s-read-the-book  school.
And I get it and I  understand it and it’s a  very interesting thing
and     I’m     going     to     be     letting    you    know    about    it.

Hmmm. He learned a lot about COVID-19 while at Walter Reed. Interestingly, he talked to Bob Woodward on February 7th about the coronavirus and tried to inform Woodward about the seriousness of the virus. Trump seems to be a slow learner since he has known about COVID-19 for over eight months.

While at Walter Reed, Trump did another of his photo ops. He told the Secret Service that he wanted to be driven around the hospital so that he could wave to his adoring supporters. He has COVID-19, which meant that the Secret Service personnel wore PPE to protected them from Trump’s virus.

“It goes away, and it goes away quickly.”

However, they drove him in a SUV that was specially sealed from outside air. It was designed to protect the occupants from a situation where the outside air was dangerous. It wasn’t designed for transporting someone with the coronavirus. The two Secret Service agents and Trump were sealed inside of an airtight SUV. The COVID Spreader and Chief waved to his minions while he contaminated an airtight Secret Service SUV.

Trump is an egotistical person suffering from a litany of psych disorder like narcissism and delusions of grandeur. As I watched the video of President Obama singing Amazing Grace, I remember a time in America that seems to have been lost. Those days were the good old days.