On Seeing the Light

Starry Night

Starry Night

I have taught art history for years and admire the post-impressionist, Vincent van Gogh. I especially love Starry Night. I have seen Starry Night while it was on loan at the Art Institute in Chicago years ago. Van Gogh painted the town of Saint-Rémy-de-Provence from his hospital room in June of 1889. He struggled much of his life with a long list of medical and emotional problems. One of his major problems was his eyesight. Nonetheless, van Gogh paints a nighttime scene of the village while wrestling with his seeing issues.

While I never was in a sanatorium like van Gogh, I had a recent appointment with my cardiologist, Dr. Marchand. It was a routine checkup for high blood pressure. All was well with my heart. However, I asked him why I was so wound-up having just returned from Myanmar/Burma. He replied that it was due to my endorphins. I pressed him further about why my endorphins were up.

Dr. Marchand understood that I wanted to know. I am different than I was prior to going to Myanmar. He paused, looked directly into my eyes, and said, "You have seen the light." While our eyes remained locked with each other, he paused, and said nothing more. Once he knew that I had gotten his message, he told me that he would see me in six months. I will never forget that office visit with Dr. Marchand.

Like van Gogh, I was living but not seeing everything. Vincent van Gogh painted Starry Night, and I saw the light.

I See More Clearly... thumbnail I See More Clearly... Thanks to Carl Sagan.

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(FLASH: The lost video sound is back)
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Coffin Bridge… Build What You Need
Vocation of An Old Man… Being a Bridge Builder
I Will Rage, Rage… On Behalf of 1250 Students and One Celestial Comet
The Purpose of the Universe Or My Window on the World
Ti Ti… A Remarkable Young Lady
Dealing with the Reaper By Coming Alive and Living
One Moment in Time Carpe Diem
Inferiority Complex Womb Envy vs. Penis Envy
The Second Law of Thermodynamics And Trump and Entropy
Tintern Abbey Viewed by Wordsworth and Turner
My Fistful of Meā Culpā… To Our President
I Made a Mistake… Imagine That
This Essay Is About Morphing Pelosi, Donald the Dumb, Pausch, Gandhi, and Me
Something to Dream About While Waiting for the IRS’s Approval
Light at the End of the Tunnel However, the Tunnel is an Illusion
The Value of Pain Can Produce Ultimate Bliss
A Very Brief History of Sexism in Science It All Started with a Blinking Neutron Star
Solution for the Wall Issue in Washington… Have Another Wall
This Essay Addresses Alfie What’s It All About?
Two Despicables Who Saw the Light Colson and Cohen
Pa Pa Al’s Grandfatherly Advice To Ti Ti Who Doesn’t Need It.
Thanksgiving Celebration… In Nyaung Shwe
A New Year’s Eve With a New Resolution for the Coming Year
It’s All About Family I Agree with John Lewis
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The Magnificent Seven… My Dream Team
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Worthless Windmills thumbnail Worthless Windmills Time Will Tell Their Worth
On Seeing the Light thumbnail On Seeing the Light Chuck, Paul, and Me
Two Roads in the Wood thumbnail Two Roads in the Wood Choose Wisely
Grave or No Grave thumbnail Grave or No Grave That is the Question
Best of Times, Worst of Times thumbnail Best of Times, Worst of Times It Is Your Choice; Choose Wisely
Buddha's Strange Parable... thumbnail Buddha's Strange Parable... Which We Need to Understand
The Value of Dreaming thumbnail The Value of Dreaming About My List of Dulcineas
Dreams will come to you....  thumbnail Dreams will come to you.... If You Are True to Your Quest
"I'm Dying, and I'm Having Fun." Randy Pausch is Correct
The Little Match Girl thumbnail The Little Match Girl And The Golden Statue
The Very Strange Year of 2008 thumbnail The Very Strange Year of 2008 A Year to Remember
The Gift of an Angel thumbnail The Gift of an Angel It is More About My Feelings
 I Know Who I Am... thumbnail I Know Who I Am... And Have Found Two People Who Understand Me
Take Your Passion and Make It Happen thumbnail Take Your Passion and Make It Happen Flashdance Follow-up
What a Feeling thumbnail What a Feeling And It Is a Great Feeling
Want to See What I'm Wearing for Halloween? thumbnail Want to See What I'm Wearing for Halloween? A Profound Question
Dr. Marchand Knows Medicine Well... thumbnail Dr. Marchand Knows Medicine Well... And He Knows Life Well Also
Doubling Down... thumbnail Doubling Down... To Make Dreams Come True
It's Confession Time... thumbnail It's Confession Time... And It Isn't Sunday
The Mahogany Bench thumbnail The Mahogany Bench A Place for Dreaming....
A Great Dancer with Death thumbnail A Great Dancer with Death A Sobering Experience
Putting the Pieces Together thumbnail Putting the Pieces Together The Joy of Coming of Age
Agnes Majors in the Minors thumbnail Agnes Majors in the Minors A Big Fish in a Drying Up Small Pond
The Value of Standing on Desks thumbnail The Value of Standing on Desks Allows One to See the World Clearly
Discovery of Terracotta Warriors thumbnail Discovery of Terracotta Warriors... And Nessie
A Man with a Mission... thumbnail A Man with a Mission... Sinking a German U-boat
Riders on the Streetcar Named Desire: thumbnail Riders on the Streetcar Named Desire: Elizabeth and Rosa
Darwin, van Gogh, and Lindbergh's Gifts thumbnail Darwin, van Gogh, and Lindbergh's Gifts For Owen on His Third Birthday
What Matisse Taught Me Years Ago, thumbnail What Matisse Taught Me Years Ago, Which I Finally Fully Understand
Career Opportunity... thumbnail Career Opportunity... Being a Gladiator
Steve Jobs and Charles Dickens thumbnail Steve Jobs and Charles Dickens How to Avoid the Ghosts
How Do We Learn? thumbnail How Do We Learn? The Lessons in Learning
Obama's Golden Opportunity thumbnail Obama's Golden Opportunity On Leaving a Legacy
Ozone to Ferguson thumbnail Ozone to Ferguson A Journey That Never Seems To End
It Was the Best of Times thumbnail It Was the Best of Times It Was the Worst of Times....
A Hand Is Put Into Theirs... thumbnail A Hand Is Put Into Theirs... And the Hand May Be a Little Child's
What Einstein Taught Me About Riding a Bike thumbnail What Einstein Taught Me About Riding a Bike ...Keep Moving
Serendipity... thumbnail Serendipity... Finding Without Looking
A Fool with a Plan... thumbnail A Fool with a Plan... Is Better Than a Genius with No Plan.
Joe Hill Died November 19, 1915 thumbnail Joe Hill Died November 19, 1915 "I Never Died," Says He.
Death is the Best Invention of Life thumbnail Death is the Best Invention of Life Breathing Is Not Living
Seeing When You Think You See... thumbnail Seeing When You Think You See... The Difference is Dazzling.
A Lesson of Life from Alexander the Great thumbnail A Lesson of Life from Alexander the Great "Each moment free from fear makes a man immortal."
On Seeing the Light...part II thumbnail On Seeing the Light...part II And I Thought that I Had Seen the Light
My Dots in Life Get Connected thumbnail My Dots in Life Get Connected With the Singing of Pete Seeger
Pushing Oneself... thumbnail Pushing Oneself... What I Learned from T. S. Eliot
Darkest Before Dawn thumbnail Darkest Before Dawn A Logical Disconnect that Is True
Come Alive... thumbnail Come Alive... Before You Die.
Orwell and Scottish Independence thumbnail Orwell and Scottish Independence Or Smell the Heather and Vote for Independence
Burma-Shave... thumbnail Burma-Shave... And Seeing the Light
The Chilling Reality of Global Warming thumbnail The Chilling Reality of Global Warming Where Does Lying Get Politicians and the Rest of Us?
Moravec Evolution thumbnail Moravec Evolution or the 21st Century Scopes Trial
Old Men Should Plant Trees... thumbnail Old Men Should Plant Trees... And They Should Be Planted Now.
Connecting the Dots With Jack and Owen thumbnail Connecting the Dots With Jack and Owen Teaching Them To Be Steve Jobs-esque
Jack and Owen thumbnail Jack and Owen Novice 21st Century Johnny Appleseeds
Right-Brain Pain and Gain... thumbnail Right-Brain Pain and Gain... Getting Organized After Seeing the Light
Leaving a Legacy... thumbnail Leaving a Legacy... A Concern of a 71-Year Old.
The Cosmic Calendar thumbnail The Cosmic Calendar ...and Our Importance on the Pale Blue Dot
Orwell and Kipling and the Battle of Burma thumbnail Orwell and Kipling and the Battle of Burma Or Why I Care
Advantages of Growing Old thumbnail Advantages of Growing Old ...You Will Not Be Here in the 22nd Century
Hang a Lantern on Your Problems... thumbnail "Hang a Lantern on Your Problems..." So All Can See.
One of the Advantages of Being Right-Brain thumbnail One of the Advantages of Being Right-Brain: Finding Another Prison.
Good Trip / Bad Trip thumbnail Good Trip / Bad Trip ...the Great Benefits of Bad Trips
Faulkner's Lesson of Life... thumbnail Faulkner's Lesson of Life... Even When the Last Ding-dong of Doom has Clanged.
On Seeing the Light... thumbnail On Seeing the Light... More Clearly
The Value of Travel thumbnail The Value of Travel... Or Learning About Myanmar.
The Two Ladies thumbnail The Two Ladies: Parallels between the Ukraine and Myanmar
The Blessing and the Curse of the Internet thumbnail The Blessing and the Curse of the Internet ...Everyone Will Have a Saved Memory
I Have Seen the Light... thumbnail I Have Seen the Light... Thanks to Myanmar and Dr. Marchand