College Days

College Days

The picture above shows how my college days are usually spent. The candlelight, together with the light from the lamp and a dim light coming through the window, helps me to read in the dark. Our electricity is on for only several hours per day. Most times, I could use my computer and the internet. I used to hate it. But recently, I have come to love this lifestyle. It gives off a vibe that I’ve traveled back to old times when people have to rely on candlelight and lamps. I download a couple of classical music tracks, and it takes me back to the era of the 1600-1700s.

Life isn’t always easy, but I’m teaching English to students in Myanmar. But they all struggle to attend my classes because of the electricity and internet issues. Learning is becoming harder these days.

With the electricity problem in Myanmar, my country is becoming more like North news, no internet, no social media, and no education.

We are still attempting to retrieve a half dozen articles lost in cyberspace.

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