The Problem of a Non-Techy...
A Computer

I am not a techy, even though I live on the Internet.  I teach online and have a website.  I can't function without my computer.  However, I needed more memory on my Dell computer and got a new Dell late last year.  It wasn't long before I started having problems with it.  However, I didn't act upon the problems until the issues became more serious. 

Finally, I called Dell's tech support.  I told them that I teach online and need my problems resolved.  They assured me that they would fix it right away.  Right away lasted for several weeks.  Finally, after spending additional hours limping along with my computer freezing up and spendimg a total of 10 hours on the phone with the Dell tech support group, I had to buy a new HP.

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I had no other choice other than to buy a new one.  Each time the Dell tech support group attempted to correct a problem, they made it worse.  Therefore, I wrote this letter to Dell's CEO, Michael Dell, which spelled out my problem. 


I haven't yet heard from Mr. Dell.  I realize that he looking into this, because I believe what I said in my letter that he created a very reparable corporation.  It has been just over a hundred days since my letter to Mr. Dell.  I am sure that I'll be hearing from him within a week or two.  I'll let you know when I hear from him.  In the meantime, my HP is functioning like all my other Dell computers had until the most recent one. 

While I am waiting for Mr. Dell to resolve this matter, I did get an email from the tech support group in India.  I am sure that Mr. Dell has read this letter also, which came from his tech support group.


I'm sure that Mr. Dell will address my concerns and his support group's disastrous tech activity and will rectify the situation.  However, it is possible that someone read my letter and didn't pass it on to him.  Well, time will tell.