and Open Dinner Invitation

You don't know me, Mr. Chief Justice Roberts. However, I am extending my invitation to you for a dinner, which I would gladly prepare in your honor. I guarantee that it will be an excellent meal; you just need to pick the menu.

Allow me to introduce myself. I am an open and fun-loving person. I love my family, my teaching and my traveling. I see the big picture quite readily and am not usually concerned by the details. I enjoy viewing the big picture long before all the details are even apparent. Therefore, I would not make a great lawyer.

I am right-brain, which I know is both an asset but also a liability. I can quickly draw conclusions without all the data even available and still make correct and insightful decisions. However, that talent of always being quick to decide issues is also a liability. On rare occasions, I will erroneously write off situations before all the data is in.

Chief Justice Roberts
John Roberts
Case in point, I made a mistake when you were nominated as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Bush II nominated you; that was all that was needed for me. You seemed at first glance to be a nice and friendly fellow...the kind of person that I would like to have live next door to me. Nevertheless, if Bush II had offered your name to the Senate for confirmation as Chief Justice, you would not be someone I admired.
However, I was mistaken. I have taught history for years at the university level and knew about another Chief Justice nominated by Eisenhower in 1953. Earl Warren was seen by Eisenhower as a fair person with a strong conservative background. However, after his being the Chief Justice for a brief time, Eisenhower said of his nomination of Warren was "the biggest damned-fool mistake I ever made." Warren addressed issues that Eisenhower didn't see in the same manner. Thing like the Birch Society, school prayer, and police powers and constraints Warren handled forthrightly.

I wrote you off as Bush-quality and would have had to live with it. You were just another Antonin Scalia nominated by Reagan. While I have in all a dozen years of formal higher education, I have never come close to taking any class regarding the law. Nonetheless, that has not stopped me from analyzing the 5-justices who would decide in favor the healthcare reform. I like many thought that Justice Kennedy would have sided with the liberal side of the court, Ginsburg, Kagan, Sotomayor, and Breyer, when dealing with Obama's healthcare reform legislation.

Again, I was wrong. Still another place where I concluded incorrectly before the decision was made had to do with your history with President Obama. There was his voting against your confirmation and his State of the Union in 2010 in which he criticized the Supreme Court.

Obama signs the healthcare legislation into law
Obama signs the healthcare legislation into law
Therefore, this open letter and invitation are being sent to you as my way of saying that I made a mistake and for which I wish publicly to redress that error. Of far more importance, I wish to thank you for your insight and determination in your leadership regarding the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). 30-40 million Americans also thank you. Finally, America has caught up with the rest of the Western world.
One other right brain conclusion that I am making before all the data is in is that you will go down in history as a great Chief Justice...much like Earl Warren.
Finally, just let me know when you plan to come back to Indiana. My wife and I live in Crown Point, which is less than an hour from Long Beach. You name the date, time, and what your favorite meal is, and we will be waiting to honor the Chief Justice....

Thank you again,

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