Kayla, Bananas Flambé and Party Time for Ginger
A Happy Day for Ginger

Just before Christmas, Moh Moh and my family wished me a Merry Christmas and attached a link her Facebook about our last Christmas and New Year’s celebration at our family’s favorite restaurant.

Ti Ti, Snow, and Fatty sang Auld Lang Syne after our dinner and dessert. Our dessert was what the people in Myanmar call Bananas Bo Bo Gyi. Well, I’m not sure how many locals call it Bananas Bo Bo Gyi, at least, my family and I use that name for the dessert. That is the back story.

On the day after Christmas, Kayla, Ginger’s dog sitter, came over for pizza and to visit Ginger. Ginger loves Kayla. Kayla lived in my home for a month while I was visiting my family in Myanmar during winter break last year.

When Ginger saw Kayla, it was obvious that Ginger was delighted. Ginger tends to be hyperactive generally, but when she saw Kayla, she was ecstatic.

Ayanna, my granddaughter, Kayla, and I munched on pizza and chatted. Finally, it was time for dessert. I love to cook, but I really enjoy making desserts. My pièce de résistance is Bananas Flambé. To be honest, I have been on a binge of making Bananas Flambé.

Interestingly, while Ayanna, Kayla, and I were indulging in Bananas Flambé, Kayla mentioned that when her family was visiting me last year, I made dinner for them. Ask me what I made for dinner? I don’t remember, but I know that I made Bananas Flambé as the dessert. Then Kayla recounted that her parents were surprised because her grandfather was really into Bananas Flambé also. However, their family called it Bananas Foster.

I had known the variant name for my favorite dessert, but I never knew the reason behind that name. I had been at Brennan’s Restaurant in New Orleans years ago and had that dessert there. As it turns out, Richard Foster had been the chairman of the New Orleans Crime Commission and knew the owner. Naming that dessert after his friend was a way of honoring Foster.

Brennan’s Restaurant

After dessert, Kayla and I took Ginger to play Chuckit. Ginger was still excited that Kayla had visited her that playing her favorite game wasn’t the first thing on her mind. We played for less than fifteen minutes and returned to my home. Maybe the next time Ginger would be more into Chuckit.