Ginger’s Birthday Bash
I Hope That She Has Many More

I have written many essays about Ginger’s health concerns paralleling my two dances with death. She had her 4th birthday on the 28th, which addresses our dances. Purdue University Veterinary Teaching Hospital has worked wonders caring for Ginger over the past year and a half. I surely hope that her next four years will be like her first couple of years.

Each year, Ginger has a birthday party. However, she is on a strict diet. Despite that, I still needed a birthday cake of sorts. So, I put four candles on an Asiago bagel, which I ate after the party.

I spared no expense getting her three toys.

After opening her gifts, Ginger picked her favorite gift and went to the other end of the room to crunch down and chew on it. It was as if she didn’t want me playing with her newly acquired toy.

It was like the old days…. After she got tired of playing with her favorite gift, I suggested that we could go play Chuckit. Chuckit is a ball launcher, which allows you to throw the ball 40-50 yards.

I also brought my favorite birthday toy, which was a mallard duck. I acted like it was just a newer version of Chuckit. However, if I was able to throw it 20 yards, I felt quite successful. Ginger would chase it and return with her mallard duck toy like a bird dog carrying a duck to a hunter.

Interestingly, the Irish Setter was bred to find and then point to a bird. Essentially, it was pointer and not retriever. It is interesting that often I will have to tell Ginger in a loud voice, “Go!” She will look at me to be assured that she could chase the birds. When I okay the chase, Ginger takes off.

My two dances and Ginger’s medical issues enable me to enjoy the moment. I hope that Ginger and I have a long litany of future birthdays. Regardless, I will enjoy the moments that we do have. My two dances taught me not to waste the time that I have. Someday, neither Ginger nor I will have any more time.