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It was late at night only a couple days prior to Christmas.  The house was fairly neat, most of the decorations were up, gifts ready, but I was still baking cookies.  It was then that I heard from the China Room a muffled "Nǐ hǎo."  In response, I replied "Nǐ hǎo" and went into the room to find out what object was saying hello.  It seemed that is came from the shelf.

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  I walked over to the shelf where I thought that I had heard an object saying "Nǐ hǎo" and soon discovered it was from the carved Chine wood seal.

I realized that the top of the wooden seal was still attached, which caused its "Nǐ hǎo" to sound muffled.  Therefore, I took off the top.

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As soon as I took the top off, the seal said, "Xièxiè," which means thank you.  I responded by saying, "Bù kèqì," which means you're welcome.  Thus began a nice conversation in English, since I had about reached my limit of words that I remembered in Mandarin. 

I began by asking why the seal wanted to talk with me.  The seal replied, "Well, Christmas is a very festive season for many people around the world.  It is a time for love, peace, and joy.  I thought that it would be a nice time to wish you well during this season and the coming New Year."

I acknowledged its best wishes and wished it well also.

"What do you know about the use of Chinese seals?  You certainly have a great deal of objects from China.  Everything in this room and many other things scattered around your home are from China."

I replied that I just know that seals were used in China and many other places around the world as a signature, whether it was on official documents or just ordinary letters.     

The seal agreed and said, "You have a large calligraphy picture on the other side of the room."

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Then the seal added, "Notice that there is a seal in the lower left.  Interestingly, in all Chinese seals, they are almost always red in color."

I looked closer, and the seal was indeed red.

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"The process of using seals in China started nearly four millennia ago during the Yin Dynasty.  In China, we call seals, Yin-Zhang or chop-carving.  It is considered one the four-treasured arts, along with painting, calligraphy, and poetry.

"I am a chop-carving of the English word for love, which is Description: in Mandarin.   Interestingly, love is a combination of the English word for friendship, which is Description: Mandarin and the English word for heart, which is Description: in Mandarin.  Therefore, love in Chinese is a loving relationship between the hearts of friends.  It seems that this should be part of the expression of this season of the year."

I thanked the Chinese seal and hoped that this season and the New Year would be devoted to relationships between the hearts of friends.  Then I returned to the kitchen and finished baking.  My cookies could also be expressions of my love. 

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