Baby Jesus
In the Hay in Indy

Pablo Picasso said, "Every child is an artist.  The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up."  Hey, I get that quote.  I have written a half dozen articles about that statement.  Watching toddlers express their creativity is one of the reasons that being a grandparent is such fun.  Just sit back and let it happen.  It is not only their creativity but their drive to be creative that fascinates me.

Case in point: I was in Indy watching Jack and Owen a week before Christmas.  There I was in Owen's room reading some books to the boys.  However, for some reason, Owen wanted off my lap, went to his bureau, and took down a Christmas decoration of three angels, which he really loves.

He returns and proudly shows the angel to me so that I could enjoy it.  I told him it was lovely.  Jack starts singing a carol that I never heard before about Baby Jesus laying in the hay.  Owen attempts to help Jack on the carol, but they both soon realize neither know enough of the words to sing much more that a small portion of a verse.

Again, Owen gets down off my lap and goes over to his bed, lies down, and closes his eye.  He was not tired, because he just got up an hour before from a nap.  I assume that he is sick and go over to the bed.  I ask him whether he's sick.  Owen replied, "No, I'm Baby Jesus asleep in the hay."  Why did I not think of that? 

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Jack, who is watching this dialogue, says, "I'll be a Wiseman and Papa will be a camel."  Obviously, they were doing their own version of a Christmas Eve pageant.  The next thing out of Jack's mouth while baby Jesus is asleep in the hay was, "Come on, Papa, we must leave the stable and go out into the hall.  Then we can journey a long distance to Baby Jesus in the hay."  The long distance was approximately ten feet.  Therefore, I went out into the hallway from which we journeyed the long distance to the Baby Jesus lying in the hay.  Before our journey, Jack picks up three large stuffed toys of Owen's, which are his version of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.  His artistic nuances of this scene were excellent.

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When I finally got to the stable after the Wiseman and I made a very long journey, I went up to the still sleeping Baby Jesus and said as I kissed him, "You are a sweet child."  Had I had more time to rehearse the scene, I could have said something a bit more theologically to the point than merely mentioning Baby Jesus being sweet.  Then I kissed Baby Jesus who is still asleep and didn't awaken. 

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However, Jack reprimands me, "No, camels cannot talk or kiss...just stand there."  My retort to his choreography of the scene was that Baby Jesus was special, and I was a special camel.  Therefore, as a special camel could say something and kiss Baby Jesus.  However, I'm not sure Jack bought my explanation about being a special camel.

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