Thus Spoke Ginger

Thus Ginger Spoke

I began my adult life going down my yellow brick road when I returned from studying overseas at New College of the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. I got a job and the very next thing that I got was an Irish Setter, and her name was Ginger. Over the next handful of years, my three children came along. Ginger literally helped them to toddle their way down their long yellow brick roads of their lives.

Nearly fifty years later, I am still journeying on my yellow brick road, but the road has entered the twilight years of my life. In the past decade, I have danced with death twice and both times successfully. I've had a couple other dances, which weren't life-threatening. Nevertheless, dancing with death caused me to realize that the remainder of my journey is limited. Therefore, I took seriously these two recent concerns. I went to my internist who did dozens of tests and found out that neither would result in ending my journey in life.

The very next thing that I did was to get an Irish Setter puppy. Guess what her name is? Man, my new puppy brought back a flood of many memories. However, this Ginger is different, or, perhaps, I am more in tune and listen to my newest Ginger more than I did a half century ago with my first Ginger. My new puppy has a bed where she plays with her toys, but, more importantly, Ginger watches me while I teach online or as I write essays for my webpage.

Ginger in her bed

One day, I heard what sounded initially like purring. I turned toward Ginger, and she began to talk. Ginger wanted to talk about the political issues that interested me. She said that Nietzsche wrote a book, Thus Spoke Zarathustra, which is the English title of the Nietzsche's German title, Also sprach Zarathustra. Ginger sees herself as a modern-day version of Nietzsche. Ginger suggested that I used that as the title for this index page, Thus Spoke Ginger. Additionally, she suggested that I write about her observations on life in this newest section.

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